Who says you need a lot of people to throw a party?! Some of the best parties are the ones spent with those that love you the most – that tight little inner circle known as your fam!

If you have a child that’s bummed to be missing out on their big birthday party with friends because of the pandemic, or even if you just need to pass some time in self isolation to break up the home routine, there’s no better excuse than to throw a true fam jam birthday party! 

Roberto Cavalli once said “How could I miss the party – I am the party.”  Hear! Hear! You already have pretty much everything and everyone you need to have some serious fun. So call a family meeting and start planning! Here’s some fun ideas to get you started:


1. BAKE YOUR OWN BIRTHDAY CAKE PARTY– great learning opportunity to teach your kiddo that often the process is just as fun as the final outcome! Make an assembly production line. Have a cupcake decorating contest. Or one parent cooks with child while the rest ‘taste and rate’ the creation. Lots of ways to involve the whole fam in the main event – even if it is just to lick the mixing bowl. 





2.  HONK! IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY – you don’t need an NBA championship as an excuse to all pile into the fam station wagon and drive around the city honking your horns off. A birthday is a good excuse as any! Decorate the family car with balloons, flags and streamers and hit the neighbourhood. Honk in front of every friend’s house you pass and wave! 




3.  Have a SIBLING SLEEPOVER. Sure the kids see each other everyday and likely spend the majority of it fighting, but there’s nothing like a change of scenery from their respective bedrooms to the communal basement (or living room) to bring out the love. The novelty of a different and/or shared space and other distractions – pull out the sleeping bags, make some popcorn, watch a movie – can help kids make nice. (and maybe that means getting to stay up late(r) too!)





4.  Birthday STREAMER LASER MAZE – have your kids work for that cake by making their way through this clever (and certainly safer) version of a bank robbery laser field. This will take a little bit of time to set up – perfect for doing after the kids have gone to bed for an early morning surprise. It can provide hours of entertainment for the remainder of the day. For musical accompaniment and/or choreography inspiration, check out this Ocean’s 11 reference.  





5.  THROW A BEACH PARTY – turn up the thermostat, throw on your swimsuits, and break out the ice cream cake. And the colder it actually is outside, the better!





6.  ATTEND A VIRTUAL CONCERT! Hire an entertainer like Aria from The Teeny Tinys for a custom show or tune in for a live stream of your favourite musician. You can also invite friends or other families for a virtual family hang out while you rock out to some tunes. Make like the Jackson 5 by sporting matching outfits or making your own house hold instruments to contribute some noise. 





7.  CREATE A PARKOUR OBSTACLE COURSE in your house just like Swiss skier Andri Ragettli and get a workout in while celebrating!





8.  Take inspiration from an OK GO music video and BUILD YOUR OWN RUBE GOLDBERG MACHINE, using everyday household items like this dad, culminating with an epic candle blowing finale. This is a truly whole fam activity as everyone will likely need to get involved to set it up. Plan it, source the objects, do the rigging and then film the finale! Hours of entertainment as you try to perfect one continuous action. 





9.  DANCE PARTY – dance like nobody’s watching. Because well, they probably aren’t. And the great thing about families is that no matter how ridiculous you look – and chances are you WILL look ridiculous –  they will still love you anyway. All you need is a disco ball for some ambiance.  A killer Spotify playlist. And two left feet. 





10.  THROW A VIRTUAL FAM JAM BASH – why not extend the fam jam invitation to include grandma and grandpa from Florida, cousins from across the pond, or even an honorary family friend from the cottage. You can also choose to add a fun entertainer like a magician or musician and even help raise money for a local charity. Check out this sweet deal!




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